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UMI Super-an Elegant Phone for You

For the UMI super, UMI chose lighter and solider t alloy used for air craft. After more than 100 strict processes including CNC cutting and carving, PBT nano-molding,360-degree polishing,3D abrasive blasting and multi-color anodizing, we scaled new heights and proudly present the unique UMI super.

phone 1

Delightful, delicate details

UMi Super is filled with surprising, delightful details. The metallic side buttons look beautiful, and the rear camera sits flush against the body. Positioned among 132 precision-drilled speaker holes, there’s a 1mm fulcrum that improves the sound and prevents sliding when the phone is placed on a table. Invisible to the untrained eyes but these details are what create such a wonderful user experience with UMi Super.

phone 3

phone 4phone 5




Color: Gray/ Gold/ Silver

Material: Aerospace-class Unibody Aluminum

Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Touch ID: Fingerprint Scanner, Unlock in0.1-0.3s, Multi-function

CPU: Helio P10 (MT6755) Octa Core

GPU: Mail T860 700MHz



Battery: 4000 mAh 4.35V

Quick Charge: PE+ 2.5A/1.67A(5V/7V/9V) 1.25A(12V)

Standby Time: 13~15 days


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