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The Wait for the Best Headphones is Over!

bluedio f2

Yes, you read that right! How many times have you tried to get yourself the best headphones so that you can enjoy your jam without any noise interrupting the mood? How many times have you been disappointed at getting the wrong product yet again? Well, not this time.

bluedio f2

Bluedio – Reliable and Reasonable

To get the best products, one needs a reliable company behind it. Established in the year 2002, Bluedio has a name for offering the best headphones and earphones in the market. Known for its “Powerful Sound” and a wide range of products, this brand is one that you can always rely on for your next purchase. Also, their products are genuinely priced. So, you can actually buy an authentic product without burning holes in your pockets!

bluedio f2

Bluedio F2 – Best Audio Resolution with Latest Technology

Adding yet another marvel to their gem of products, Bluedio has come up with the bluedio f2 Over-ear Active Noise Cancelling 57mm Diver Bass Bluetooth Headphone with Mic. If you have a constant urge to listen to soothing music as you relax after a tiring day, this is just the right product for you.


The Bluedio F2 or Faith 2 features 57 mm speakers with an-all titanium plating diaphragm process for the best sound quality. With lower TDH (Total Harmonic Distortion) and improvised audio resolution, the Bluedio F2 strategically balances low, middle and high frequency. This makes listening to music an experience rather than just an activity!

bluedio f2

Noise Cancellation for Best Listening and Talking experience

You can use this headphone for uninterrupted talking with the help of the attached microphone as well as flawless music sessions. The Active Noise Cancelling feature along with the Vector Flow Technology ensures the best quality. With the latest high-tech incorporations, Bluedio F2 has to be your first choice for crystal clear sound.

bluedio f2

Easily Chargeable with Extended Battery Life

The Bluedio F2 seems to eliminate all standard problems that we have faced with our old headphones. This amazing product is not only easily charged but it also has a long battery life. The headphone takes hardly 1.5 hours to be fully charged. Once charged to the maximum level, it gives you a music or talk-time of over 16 hours. In addition, it gives you a standby duration of some 650 hours. Even in low battery condition, if charged for just 10 minutes, the Bluedio F2 gives you a music time of almost 3 hours. Faith 2 features Type-C three in one interface, which can be plugged in both sides.



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