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What is TF Card?

In our world today, Smartphones are used not only for communication but also for storing lots of items, like photos, videos, important documents and more. For this feature, the MEMORY CARD plays an important role in it. It is also known as an electronic storage device for storing digital information.

When it comes to the memory card, TF card and Micro SD card will come to your mind, but many people may feel confused about these two types of cards. Since they are not sure if they are the same or different. Today, we gonna discuss them and show their differences.
The Micro SD card is more prevalent in the market than the TF card but TF card plays a crucial role in storing huge information on the mobile phone without compromising security. Before getting into the difference in efficiency of the TF card and micro SD card, first, we can know what is TF card and how it is used as an alternative to the micro SD card.

What is TF Card?
TF Card is the abbreviation of TransFlash Card, which was launched by SanDisk company in 2004.

TF Card

This micro secure digital card, close to the fingernail, is considered to be the world’s smallest memory card. You can use it on devices like iPod, PDA, DigitalCamera, Smartphone and so on.
SanDisk was the first company to sell the TF/micro SD card. The cards became available in 2005 in 32, 64 and 128 MB capacities. They are now available at up to 128 GB.
SanDisk adopted the name micro SD card when the SD Card Association (SDA) began using the cards.

What then is MicroSD card?
MicroSD is the abbreviation for Secure Digital. As a flash card, it is removable and designed to store data on a Smartphone or other mobile devices. Recently, it has also been applied to some handheld GPS devices.

The name itself suggests that the card is in the microform that provides the opportunity to store enormous information like photos and videos and other documents in the microform in an efficient way. The micro SD card is more useful than the TF card as it is being used in a variety of devices including recent evolving devices as the TF card is used in the countable number of devices.

Let us know about the differences between the TF card and micro SD card in order to come to a clear view of these two cards and to understand better about their uniqueness and their specialty.
Key Differences between TF Card and Micro SD card

1. micro SD cards can do non-memory jobs because it supports SDIO mode. It can perform the non-memory jobs including Bluetooth, GPS and Near Field Communication, while TransFlash cannot execute.
2. The security segment in the SD card has a switch, but this function is not available on TransFlash. And the TF card can be converted to an SD card by an adapter.
3. The capacity of the SD card is greater than the capacity of the TF card. The TF card has a volume of 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm, the same volume as the microSD card. The standard SD card has a volume of 24 mm x 32 mm x 2.1 mm.
4. Both TF and microSD card support 512MB, 256MB, 128MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacity.
5. Memory size availability – TF card up to 128GB, and SD card up to 2TB.
Due to the advancement of new day-to-day technologies, many other memory card formats have replaced the older SD cards, providing more efficient storage for documents and important files..

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