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What’s The Latest We Know Of The Elephone P8 3D

Elephone P8 3D

Elephone is a market player in the invention and manufacture of communication gadgets. The Chinese-based company has over the few years of its existence emerged as a force to be reckoned with in, not only the manufacturer of communication gadgets but also the provision of solutions in the same sector.


One of their most recent releases is the Elephone P8 3D, a smartphone that offers nearly all the functionalities that tech-geeks are normally looking for. Let’s find out more about what this Smartphone packs.

Elephone P8 3D


Front Camera Fitted With Eye-tracking Technology

The Elephone P8 3D features a front camera with an inbuilt eye-tracking technology. The way the camera works is that it tracks your eyes and then follows your line of vision. The camera then adjusts to the best visual angle depending on how you are looking at your phone. The result of this is it offers great eye condition when looking at your phone so those nagging complaints of eye strains will be a thing of the past.


3D Camera And Screen

Most Smartphones have been able to incorporate 3D features in their screens and cameras so what really sets this phone above the rest? The camera uses P8 3D, which is one of the most advanced 3D technologies, thereby ensuring your images look just like the real thing. And in case you wish to watch some movies, you will never go wrong with the screen either. The 5.5 Inch display will make your movies look just as clear as though you were watching in an IMAX theatre.

Elephone P8 3D

Memory Capacity And Speed

The Smartphone features 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. This is an impressive memory capacity for a smartphone this size. The combination enables you to store and seamlessly share endless MP-3 and MP-4 music files, HD movies and lots of images and photos. When it comes to speed, this Smartphone sports MT6750T Octa-Core 1.5GHz in CPU and a GPU of ARM Mali-T860 MP2. The super-processing speed is especially important because it saves on your power consumption. Gone are the days when you would wait several minutes to stream your favorite videos or download your favorite music.


High Image Resolution

Back to cameras, the smartphone comes with 1080*1920 pixels for maximum image clarity. Even better, the phone features a customized dual camera with autofocus mode. The front camera packs a resolution of 16MP and a Front Flash while the back camera features a resolution of 2MP+13MP and a Rear Flash. For videographers, its 1080p resolutions will come in quite handy.

Elephone P8 3D

Other Features

>Compatibility – Aside from the fact that the Smartphone is Bluetooth-enabled, it is also compatible with nearly all video file formats; from 3GPP to MPEG4 and even H.264.WMV9/VP9.

>Languages – The phone supports all the major world languages, from English to Chinese, Arabic, Russian, just about any language you understand is available here.

>Lightweight – With a paltry weight of 184g, you can carry this phone anywhere; be it to your social occasions, office or even in an outdoor activity without feeling as though there is a baggage weighing you down.



We can go on and on and never exhaust all the features of the Elephone P8 3D. And if indeed we are trying t paint it as a smartphone for the future, that’s because it truly is a smartphone for the future. Take advantage of its ultra-high camera specifications and processing speed to capture those glorious moments you would wish to immortalize.

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