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Why OnePlus 5T is Gaining Much Fame


The new year is here, but it has not been the perfect start for you because your phone got lost or maybe spoilt during the festivities. Well, the market still holds many good options for you. In fact, unless you have already decided on the type of phone you need, you will find it very daunting to sift through so many models simply looking for the one with the perfect combination of features for your needs. To turn the entire turmoil to a piece of cake, we took it upon ourselves to separate the wheat from the chaff in the bid to find the perfect phone for you to kickstart the year without draining your wallet. And yes, coming with many pleasing features, OnePlus 5T could be your next phone!


One Plus 5T Smartphone

With just 7.25 mm, this phone is the manufacturers’ thinnest flagship smartphone to have ever been released into the market. The stunning horizon line wraps around the device to give beautiful shadows when placed in the light. Additionally, the phone features beautiful carvings to simply conclude that it is designed with ergonomics in mind. The alert slider at the sides lets you take full control of your notifications by allowing you to select between the three profiles without having to get the phone out from the pocket. Already sounds cool? We are not yet there-let us dig deeper and examine some of the properties.



Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor:

The best-in-the-industry processor is designed to give the best user experience. The powerful processor provides optimized performance for the demanding apps and games when remaining power efficient.

Large Memory and Storage:

The 6GB ROM provides a smooth user experience when running different programs. The large 64-GB ROM on the other side provides plenty of space for all your files.


Dual Camera:

If you are a photo enthusiast, or maybe a selfie addict, one plus 5T smartphone comes with a premium-quality 20-mp rear camera and a 16-mp front camera, all tailored to provide perfect image clarity. The two cameras use the advanced sensors that separate the subject from the surrounding environment, letting the camera focus on whatever you are capturing when simultaneously blurring the background for unprecedented image quality.


Dash Charge:

Forget about charging all night long with the dashing charge technology because this phone sucks enough juice to power it all day in just 30 minutes! The unique technology produces larger electric current and ensures consistency in charging speeds.

Network Compatibility:

If you love to explore the world, this could be the perfect phone for you since it is carrier unlocked. The ability to support up to 34 networks bands keeps you connected regardless of where you are.



The dash charging technology doesn’t heat up the phone like other quick charging technologies.

The dual-sim feature keeps all your two numbers.

The Smart App prioritizing feature learns your App usage patterns for instant launching of your frequently accessed apps.


The price may not suit every pocket.


One Plus 5T smartphone comes with amazing features you can hardly find for the price. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for the best deal on the market, adding this product to your shopping cart would be wise.

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