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In with a world class micro USB cables out for the jump ropes

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USB cables are the most efficient way of charging up your device and transferring large amounts of data. Most of us usually take our USB cables for granted but they can somehow define our devices. This is due to the intriguing fact that they control the power source of our devices, therefore a shady USB cable can really mess your battery in long-term use. Shady USB cables can do this by destroying your devices USB port because of how frequently they can get power surges that really cause an impediment amount of damage to your device.

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What characteristics should a good micro usb cable acquire?

To begin with, a good micro usb cable should meet your device standards. Meaning if your device is a fast charge device the micro usb cable should also be able to relate to this attribute. A micro usb cable should also be able to transfer huge amounts of data without impairment. There is a lot of shady micro usb cable out there that do not offer data transmission which makes you wonder why they still call them micro usb cable instead of incompetent charging cable cause even their charging capability is crap. Good micro usb cables should also be able to stand a reasonable amount of tension without giving in to the tension. A worthy micro usb cable should hold the above-mentioned characteristics and still be able to hold them over a reasonable amount of time.

micro usb cable

Where to find the good products?

Scouring the Internet and stores can be a very taxing process looking for a micro usb cable that is worth your time and money. But Blitzwolf has said no more of buying shady micro usb cables over and over again. The look and feel of Blitzwolf micro usb cables are exceptional. It’s not only a good looking cable but it has the characteristics to fit a high-end micro usb cable. For a very reasonable price, you can get yourself the Blitzwolf micro usb cable and finally throw out the vague jump ropes you call micro usb cables.

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The Blitzwolf micro usb cable is well braided to re-enforce its durability meaning this cable can literally work under pressure. The Blitzwolf micro usb cables data transfer speeds are world class with speeds of up to 40 MB per second while suppressing that fluky usb rf noise. The Blitzwolf is also fully equipped with fast charge with a charge current of 1.80 amp giving fast charge a whole new meaning. With a micro usb cable like Blitzwolf, you will never think of buying another usb cable for a very long time.

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