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Xiaomi 15000mAh Power Bank- Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank

Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank

Lovers of the Xiaomi corporation products have something to smile about this new year. The company, which is one of the world’s most renowned high-tech brand in the manufacturing of high-quality electronics and software never ceases to amaze its broad base of customers, with amazing devices. This time around, the Chinese corporation is at it again, but not with a smartphone or mobile apps, but rather a power bank. Yes, you heard me right, a Xiaomi 15000mAh Power Bank, Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank which is compatible with various devices. Let’s take a quick look at some of the fantastic features this device has in store for you;

Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank


Remember those times when you are in a rush to get that vital presentation done, and then your phone/laptop battery fails you? You don’t have to go through those panic episodes anymore. The Xiaomi 15000mAh Power Bank comes with a Lithium Polymer Battery with a rapid charging option. With this, you can get your device running within the shortest time possible.


This Xiaomi 15000mAh Power Bank also enables you to safely charge your lower power devices with the adjustable power button. Charge your Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands with no worry of overheating by simply double clicking on the power button for a 2-hour charging session. With two sets of 1000mAh batteries, the device makes a great traveling companion. So if you are always on the move, this is definitely a device for you, to ensure you don’t get locked out of those important calls.

Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank

Dual USB quality

The Xiaomi 15000mAh Power Bank not only allows you to charge both your phone and laptop using the USB-C cable but also functions as a USB hub for laptops and other USB reliant data transfer devices. It’s like a double win. What else can you ask for?

Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank

System protection

With this power bank, you can be sure to protect both yourself and your treasured devices from power related issues. The use of advanced chip protection on this device makes even more desirable not only for the guaranteed security it offers but also for the efficiency in discharge voltage stabilization and power conversion rate. So in case, your device is highly sensitive, you got no reason to worry as nine circuit protection is what you get with this device.

Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank


The design of this power bank is simply amazing. With the classic aluminum surface, you can be sure to enjoy mobile power cooling effects which enhance overall functionality of the device. It feels good in the hands and at 392.5 g, its light nature makes it more admirable, you wouldn’t even feel the weight.


In conclusion the Xiaomi 15000mAh 3.0 Power Bank is the current trend in the market and a must-have device for any techno-aware person. Since I bought it, I have never looked back. No more worries about missing important calls or my laptop going off in the middle of a sales pitch. I simply love it, and I would really recommend you to get it for its worth your investment.



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