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Xiaomi Mi 9: SmartPhone With Excellent Flagship Features

Xiaomi Mi 9

If you have been looking for an excellent affordable smartphone with flagship features for the best user experience, then your search should end here. Xiaomi has once again released a powerful device with the most up-to-date software, reliable camera-with triple array arrangement, user-friendly and power-saving UI, and above all, the design itself is just classy. Take a look at Xiaomi Mi 9 review below after which you will decide whether it is worth it.

	Xiaomi Mi 9


Design and Build Quality

This 173 g device comes in a great design, and at 157.5 mm* 74.67 mm* 7.61 mm in size, we can say that it is a cool smartphone for everyone. Its geeky transparent rear adds a slender feel to Xiaomi Mi 9.

And then there is an almost full metallic body that guarantees it durability and increased robustness to impact.

The power button and volume rocker buttons can be spotted on the right side while the left side harbors a Google Assistant button. At the base, there is a Type C USB port while the backside has a triple camera array.

However, you will have to forgive Xiaomi Mi 9 manufacturers if you are a fan of the headphone jack. It does not come with one.

You can choose from two colors-Lavender Violet or Ocean Blue. That is why everyone who has experience with it often describes it as ”unquestionably amazing.”

Xiaomi Mi 9

Tear Drop Display plus Super High Resolution

See this:

-6.39” AMOLED screen display

-2340*1080 pixels screen resolution

-600 nit brightness and HDR Support.

These top-notch features are the main reason we are saying Xiaomi Mi 9 is pretty good. No matter the surrounding you are in, such an ambient display remains usable an extra enjoyable. The other good with it is that you customize your color profile as you wish. You just have to visit the settings menu.

It is also worthwhile noting that this combination reduces blue light output significantly.

Xiaomi Mi 9

A New Triple Camera Arrangement

Front: 20 MP

Back: Main 48 MP, Zoom 12 MP, Wide 16 MP.

Such an awesome camera arrangement makes it possible for you to preserve your best moments through high-quality images an videos, thanks to its high-resolution output. You can also cash in on its auto-focus, optical zoom, panorama, beauty,face-recognition, and burst modes.

Even if you want a real bokeh, that esthetically beautiful blur in pictures, Xiaomi still remains a perfect option for you.

Xiaomi Mi 9

Software and Performance

This is yet another reason you should go for this amazing device. It comes with an impressive high performance and user-friendly MIUI OS. This.combined with Android 9.0 Pie makes Xiaomi Mi 9 approachable even by newbies to such systems.

And then there is a power-saving Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa Core that works well with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory for the best user experience. This is a major possibility unlocked because you can now play heavy games, audio, video and still run powerful applications while saving on battery power. Everyone knows Snapdragon processors don’t consume a lot of power. You can store as much data as you wish because there is space!

Xiaomi Mi 9

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi Mi 9 can be said to be an average device in that it does not deviate a lot from its peer flagship smartphones. A full charge can keep you using it throughout the day. Yes, a 3300 mAh battery is a bit smaller but Qualcomm Snapdragon processor helps you to save on power.

Plus this smartphone supports 20W wireless charging.



-Super fast power saving Snapdragon processor for high performance

-Face reading and in-display fingerprint scanner for enhanced security

-Classy carved design

-Fast wireless charging

-6 GB RAM 128 GB ROM to help you unlock major possibilities

-High-resolution display and pictures

-Flagship triple camera array system

-Value for money at a relatively affordable price of $489.99


No Headphone Jack

No MicroSD slot

Xiaomi Mi 9


So far, Xiaomi Mi 9 is the most compelling device we have seen from Xiaomi. With top-notch flagship features and retailing at a relatively affordable price, I authoritatively declare that it is worth it. Grab it from your nearest phone shop or from online stores such as Banggood and Amazon.








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