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Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Smartphone Ideal For The Young Selfie Takers

xiaomi mi a2 lite

In addition to phone calls and smses, one of the most popular uses of smartphones at present for younger people is for taking selfies and other photos. Young people are always looking for a phone which will help them take photos easily and make these photos look beautiful. Additional many young people are traveling from one place to another, and are unable to charge the smartphone frequently. Hence they are looking for a phone which has a large battery capacity so that they do not have to charge their phone daily. One of the most affordable and quality smartphones available for taking selfies and having a large backup capacity is the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite smartphone.
xiaomi mi a2 lite
Like the other Xiaomi smartphones, the A2 lite offers excellent value for money. The phone uses the Qualcomm Octa-core 625 Snapdragon processor which offers optimal performance for all activities including gaming without consuming more power. The global version of the phone has 4 GB RAM memory and 32 GB ROM for faster processing and data storage. The phone can be used with dual SIMs. It also supports an external memory card for storing more data with a capacity of up to 256 GB. Data transfer is by using the USB port and Bluetooth, while WAP and Wifi are used for internet connectivity. The smartphone has a capacitive touchscreen, a virtual keyboard and uses the latest Android one operating system from Google.

This smartphone is specially designed for the selfie generation, with a large 5.84″ Full High definition display with a full-screen aspect ratio of 19:9. The phone has dual back cameras of resolution 12 MP and 5 MP and a front camera of resolution 5 MP. Artificial intelligence (AI) semantic segmentation are used by the camera for better quality images, sharpening the edges and blurring the background. The front facing camera using the Beautify 4.0 algorithm to help the user take more beautiful photos, enhancing the natural looks, removing the dark circles under the eyes, removing blemishes on the skin and brightening it, and highlighting the features of the user.
xiaomi mi a2 lite
One of the greatest advantages of the A2 lite phone is the battery which has a large capacity of 4000 mAh. The battery capacity is sufficient to allow the user to play music for 34 hours and speak on the phone for 19.5 hours, without being recharged. The battery charger is rated at 5 Volt, 2 Ampere. A USB cable for connecting to the micro USB port is also provided. A protective case, EU charger, and eject pin are also supplied with the smartphone. The smartphone has a metal body which allows the user to hold it comfortably.

So this A2 Lite smartphone is highly recommended for the younger selfie generation who are spending many hours on their smartphone.
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