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Review of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 smartphone


Xiaomi is one of the top Chinese phone manufacturers that has exclusively sold its phones in Asia. Recently, the company has started to introduce its products to other parts of the world especially in Europe. The reason why the company has started to move to the west is the launch of Mix series of smartphones. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 smartphone is the latest product from this company. Xiaomi mix 2 has been built with advanced technology and it has a bezel-less design without a notch.

xiaomi mix 2

Features of xiaomi mix 2

5.99″ full-screen display

The wide LCD screen has a Full HD resolution of (2160×1080 pixels). The LCD screen used has balanced colors and it gives you multiple viewing angles. The main advantage of an LCD screen is that it doesn’t deteriorate over time and this allows you to use your phone for a long period of time.
The screen also has an aspect ratio of 2:1. This aspect ratio is standard and it is widely used in movies. The screen doesn’t have a notch and this allows you to view videos on full-screen mode with a pleasing experience.

When it comes to brightness, the phone has a maximum brightness of just 500 nits. However, the screen has been built to reduce reflection so that you can use it outdoors without having a problem with your eyes. The screen dims at night to just 1 nit so that you can use the phone comfortably.

xiaomi mix 2

Performance and Memory

The phone has a Snapdragon 835 CPU which makes the smartphone to run smoothly and perform tasks faster. The CPU can process complex game algorithms, run heavy apps and load HD videos at a faster rate thus preventing the phone from freezing. The phone has a massive internal storage which enables you to save your videos, photos, music, documents and other files without using external storage.

xiaomi mix 2


Xiaomi mix 2 comes with a typical dual camera system. The camera has a high resolution which enables the phone to take photos with more details. The selfie camera allows you to take a high-quality selfie which you can share with your friends on social networks. The camera app is easy to use and it has several features which are similar to those on other Android smartphones. If you are a photo enthusiast, you can enjoy using other features on the camera app such as changing image settings. You can go to the settings and change image sharpness, contrast, saturation and aspect ratio. Furthermore, you can also turn the camera sounds off or on and even change the frequency of the camera.
The camera also has a 4-axis optical image stabilization, proximity sensor, and a Sony IMX386 sensor. These specs allow you to align your images on the screen and take perfect shots. The phone also allows you to zoom when taking videos. This is achieved by pressing the volume buttons.

xiaomi mix 2

Sound quality

The phone has a hidden speaker with a good audio quality. You can enjoy your music by setting various sound options such as an equalizer and other fine-tuning options. The earpiece has a small tweeter that produces a high pitched sound which enhances your entertainment experience.

xiaomi mix 2

Xiaomi mix 2 is a powerful smartphone with a wide display. It also features the latest gesture-based navigation system, advanced camera, powerful processor and a large storage capacity. These features give you a fast internet connectivity, a sharp image, clear voice calls and a unique gaming experience. If you need a smartphone, go for Xiaomi mix 2 since it is powerful, slim in design and it is cheaper than many other brands.

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xiaomi mix 2

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