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Xiaomi Mi Pro 8: The Best Phone You Must Have

Xiaomi Mi Pro 8

Xiaomi Mi Pro 8 is the product to go for whenever you think of a smartphone. Coming with many advanced features, it includes an in-display scanner for the fingerprints. With a very good back that is transparent, it gives the user a chance to see the phone’s hardware. The device has a 3D face Identifier which can help keep track of the access to your device.

xiaomi mi 8 pro

Xiaomi Pro 8 provides all the networks that are available in today’s communication technology. All types of networks such as 2G, 3G, and 4G lite have made this device unique and efficient. You may ask whether the device support 2 Sim Cards, yes it has a dual Sim Card Dual standby together with Dual Nano-Sim which enables the user to insert and use different Sim Cards from different Network Providers.

xiaomi mi 8 pro

This device has the best resolution ever, with a resolution of 1080×2248 pixels that can run from operating systems from v4.1 to v8.1. And its full-screen display enhances the view of its users especially when there is a need to watch videos online.

xiaomi mi 8 pro

The device comes with a 845 Quad-core and an Octa-core speed of 2.8 GHz. This feature will help improve the speed at which its user operate the device. The case in which a user experiences slow performances or even their devices becoming extremely hot has eliminated. Moreover, the speed has boosted with a high-quality processor and a paired 6GB RAM.

For those who love photography, this device fits you well. It comes with a wall mounted 16 Mega Pixels back camera. Here, you can take very high-quality photos as an individual or as a group. For both cameras, 2x optic zoom, touch focus, the face detection, geo-tagging features are available in this device. Go and get one and enjoy the real camera experience.

xiaomi mi 8 pro

Many users of Android phones have always raised concerns about their devices’ battery life. Starting from the battery heating up in an extreme manner to lasting for a few hours, we can exhaust all these claims. Xiaomi MI Pro 8 features a very powerful battery of 3000mAh that is not- removable which facilitates high quality and the fast charging technology. It can charge from 0% to 100% from 1 to 2 hours while not in usage.

Storage is very critical in every device because you need to store safely your files and images.  Xiami Mi 8 Pro comes with the internal storage of 128GB which is bigger enough to use.  A variety of sensors such as Fingerprints screens, Ambient Light and Accelerometer have highly boosted the operation of this device. Make a point of getting one on Banggood and enjoy its services.

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