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The Review of Xiaomi Mi9

Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi has finally found its break into the modern tech world with its latest mobile camera powerhouse. Many companies are finding it hard to create a name in the western tech market, and everyone is on the run to create something unique and advanced compared to other devices to have the upper hand in the market. Xiaomi Mi 9 comes in a sleek elegant look slim on the edges with the display screen fitted to the edges and curves at the back making it very easy to tilt when taking pictures.

Xiaomi Mi 9

Key features

Display and sleek look

The back of the phone is slightly curved not for the looks but purposely for those who love taking photos in different angles thus comfortably rests on the palm for easy grip. Still, on the design, the phone has been made very light weighing about 173g and equally slim with about 7.61 on its dimensions. The 6.39 screen display would look rather large,  but the edge to edge display makes it easier to view camera images more clearly and detailed. It is even boosted father by the phones color range and screen brightness.

Xiaomi Mi 9


The camera is the main point of focus for the Xiaomi Mi 9 series. It’s built with three rare cameras. The main sensor, ultra-wide lens and the telephoto snapper. These cameras range from 48MP,12MP, and 16MP respectively. It makes ultra-wide pictures display very clear and in scope.

On the front, the phone is fitted with a 20MP selfie camera which is one among the best to be available on the market. Unlike for other devices, pictures taken from this camera are of amazing contrast range as well as unbelievable details for a selfie cam.

Xiaomi Mi 9


Xiaomi Mi 9 battery is not far from other devices with a 3,300mAh. However, the phone is designed with a 20W wireless charging system which is amongst the top rated designs in the market right now.

Xiaomi Mi 9


The curve on the back allows the user to safely take photos at different angles and positions without the phone slipping from your palm.

The wide range of cameras gives room for extraordinary camera experiences and quality pictures. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is also very light and slim making it easy to carry around. Its wireless charger makes the phone even sleeker and appealing and at the same time easy to charge without the need of connecting wires.


Its operating system is a bit slower in response to commands, which makes the experience of using the device disappointing. The voice recognition to the Google assistant also does not respond as fast as compared to other devices in the market though it works much better when used in a calm and less noisy environment.


The physical works perfectly to serve its purpose. That is however not the case when using the camera and google assistant since the phone gets a little slower. this error may be easily fixed from the company.

The triple threat camera, as well as the 20MP selfie cam, are the main key features of the Xiaomi Mi 9 which will serve as their selling point for the device.

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