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Xiaomi Mix 2 Makes It Easy To Take Quality Photos

xiaomi mix 2

Initially, mobile phones were mainly used for making phone calls, smses. However, increasingly smartphones have replaced computers to a large extent, and are also used extensively for taking photographs. So one of the main considerations for a person who is purchasing a smartphone is the camera specifications. The smartphone buyer is looking for a phone which can be used to take high-quality photos, even at night, and has the software to enhance these photos. The xiaomi mix 2 is specially designed for those who wish to take high-quality photos and selfies, and the Mix 2S is an upgraded version of the smartphone, with an optical zoom feature.
The Mi Mix 2 smartphone from Xiaomi is using the Octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm for faster processing of image data and other information. It has the MIUI 8 operating system based on Android 7.1 installed. It uses the Adreno 540 graphics processor for quality images. The camera has 6 GB RAM and a ROM of 128 GB. One of the more unique features of the camera is that it has an edgeless display with a curved ceramic body, unlike most other mobile phones which have a metal body and an aluminum alloy frame. It includes a proximity sensor and the speakers are hidden. The phone has a battery of capacity 3400 mAH.

The full-screen touch display of the Mix2 smartphone is 5.99 inches in size and has an aspect ratio of 18:9. The chin of the phone is 12% smaller than that of the Mi Mix. The display has different modes of operation like the Sunlight mode, reading mode, night mode, which adjust according to the illumination available. The display has large 1.25-micron pixels and uses 4 axis image stabilization. The resolution of the display is 2160 X 1080 Pixels, and the contrast ratio is 1500:1. Data transfer is using Bluetooth and USB cable. For mobile internet connectivity, WAP and Wifi are provided.
Like the other cameras in Mix 2 series from Xiaomi, the Mix 2 phone is mainly designed for the younger generation who love taking attractive selfies and other images. The 5 MP resolution front camera is discreet and has a black lens coating. It uses the Beautify 3.0 AI algorithm to improve the selfies which have been taken. The image resolution for video calling is 1080P and beautify is incorporated. The camera also includes the mirror, face recognition and selfie countdown feature. The back camera has a resolution of 12.0 MP and a 5 piece lens. In addition to face recognition, the panorama feature is also included in this camera. Conventional video recordings at 30 fps can be made with a resolution of 720p, 1080 p, and 4K, while slow-motion video recording at 120 fps, 720 p is also possible.

So the high-quality cameras which incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) for optimizing the selfies and other photos, make the xiaomi mix 2 a popular phone for the younger generation and everyone who loves photography.

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