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Xiaomi Mix 2 v.s. Xiaomi Mix 2s

xiaomi mix 2

Xiaomi recently unveiled her new Mi Mix 2s at a special event in Shanghai.  And the new phone comes with a distinctive design such as Mi mix 2, but the new Mi Mix 2s comes with some notable enhancements, featuring a dual rear camera and support for artificial intelligence. Among other features, Mi Mix 2s has some enhancements to the Xiaomi Mix 2, with the new Android 8.1 operating system with the Xiaomi MIUI 9 interface coupled with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.  In the article, we will compare the design and specifications of both Mi Mix 2s and Xiaomi Mix 2 is to identify the similarities and differences between the two phones and help you achieve the strengths and weaknesses of each phone and whether it is worth the Mi Mix 2s purchase.

xiaomi mix 2

Two phones design overview

When you check the eyes of the Mi mix 2s and Mi Mix 2, you will find that Xiaomi has not made many changes in Mi Mix 2s design, but the new phone features lower edges with a distinctive front-facing camera position, and earlier there were many rumours that Xiaomi is in the process of imitating the design of the iPhone phone X, in terms of the top-notch position of the front camera but it didn’t happen.

So both phones have a similar and distinctive design with an 18:9 aspect ratio and slim edges, but we find the difference in the back end of the two phones.  The Xiaomi Mix 2 comes with a single-lens rear camera while the Mi Mix 2s comes with a dual rear camera. Both phones come with a design Aluminum and ceramics but Mi Mix 2s also comes with a front protection layer of Corning Gorilla glass and Mi Mix 2 does not have a protection layer on the screen.

xiaomi mix 2

The Screen

Xiaomi has made a slight change with her new Mi Mix 2s, where she has opted for a high definition AMOLED display with a resolution of 5.99 inches and 1080 in 2160 pixels, the edges are very thin, the ratio of height to width 18:9 and the screen protected by a protection layer from Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

On the other hand, Mi Mix 2 comes with an IPS LCD screen with a size of 5.99 inches and also 1080p in 2160 pixels with slim edges and a height-to-width ratio of 18:9 but the screen does not have a Gorilla Glass protection layer.

xiaomi mix 2


The camera’s specifications were among the most noticeable changes between the two phones, with the new Mi Mix 2s featuring a double rear camera with a 12-in-1-X-lens, the first lens with the F/1.8 slot and the F/2.4 aperture with the optical zoom feature support 2x and the auto-focus feature along with LED Flash Dual support with artificial intelligence techniques.

On the other hand, Mi Mix 2 came with a 12-lens rear-facing camera with the F/2.0 aperture, and the front camera is the same as the two phones, which come with a 5-dimensional precision and f/2.0 lens slot.

xiaomi mix 2

Processor and Storage memory

Mi Mix 2s came with the latest processor from Qualcomm which is Snapdragon 845 with Adreno graphics processor 630, and the two phones come with random access memory (RAM) 6/8 GB with internal storage memory 64/128/256 GB, both of which do not support external memory cards, while Mi Mix 2 is working with a processor Snapdragon 835 and graphics Adreno 540 processor.

Operating system and battery

When it comes to operating system, we find that MI Mix 2s works with the latest version and is Android 8.1 Oreo with Interface MIUI 9.  On the other hand, we find Xiaomi Mix 2 operating Android 7.1 Noja with interface MIUI 9 when compared in terms of battery specifications. The two phones are working with a battery capacity of 3200 milliseconds AMP/hour with fast charging feature support, but MI mix 2s beats on mi mix 2 in its wireless charging support.

xiaomi mix 2


Mi Mix 2s is scheduled to be launched in April with a price range of 530:640 USD, while the Minix 2 comes at a price of approximately USD 469.


Both Mi Mix 2s and Mi Mix 2 come with common features in terms of design and interior specifications, yet Mi Mix 2s has a dual rear camera as well as the latest processor from Qualcomm and the latest operating system from Google, and the screen has been upgraded through the AMOLED display, plus let M phone for wireless charging and features artificial intelligence, but the purchasing decision comes to you in the end.

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