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Xiaomi Note 4 and xiaomi redmi pro:Which one you should choose?

After the xiaomi note 4 promote in the market, a lot of people are confused that xiaomi note 4 and xiaomi redmi pro which one should we choose? Although they are not at the same series, but due to the difference of the price and the configuration is almost the same, the consumers are still confused.

Not the hardware difference

xiaomi note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is equipped with 5.5inches screen with 1080p resolution and adopts 2.5D curved glass. CPU part is selected Helio X20 ten-core processor, with 3GB running memory 64GB body storage portfolio (standard version:2GB running memory ,16GB body storage). In the aspect of the camera, the back camrea of the xiaomi note 4 is 13 million pixels and the front camera is 800 million pixels. Futhermore, it have a sliding fingerprint recognition with 4100 mA capacity battery which can support the whole network support dual card dual standby. In the aspect of the system, it applies the MIUI 8 Android system. To compare on the configuration, the xiaomi note 4 is almost the same with xiaomi redmi pro. In fact, the difference is not show on the processor and the running memory.

The biggest difference of the xiaomi Note 4 and xiaomi xiaomi redmi pro is that the latter has a rear dual lens. Two mobile phones are 13 million pixels but the xiaomi redmi pro has another lens to record the view and highlight the blur effect. Thus, although both of the phones are 13 million pixels, the photo from the xiaomi redmi Pro is much better.

redmi Pro

Xiaomi redmi pro is much better than  xiaomi note 4in the aspect of appearance, hand feeling and photos. Howerver, as for the xiaomi note 4, the design and the price of the xiaomi redmi prois much better. In sum, the apperance design of xiaomi redmi pro is much better than the xiaomi note 4. It’s more attractive for xiaomi note 4’s price.If your budget is close to the xiaomi redmi pro, we suggest that you can get one if you are care too much about the appearance and the photo. But if you are not mind the xiaomi redmi pro without Type-c connector and dual lens, why not considered to choose xiaomi note 4?

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