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Xiaomi Power Bank 2.0-Pour The Full Energy To Your Phone

A nice and energetic day starts from a tasted breakfast. Of course, xiaomi 10000mah power bank 2.0 can bring the full energy to your mobile phone the whole day as well. The speed of the charge is faster than the first generation and the appearance of the phone is elegant. Except from the white color, the black color can give the fresh feeling for you. Compatible with iPhone, HTC, Samsung, smartphone and Tablet PC, the power bank will adjust the output power automatically to meet different devices’ needs.

power bank 2

14.1mm thin

Sleek and slim, it is 1/3 thinner than the Mi Power Bank 10000mAh V1.You could go out easily with it inside your bag or pocket.

Quick charge and fast charging for 2 days

Whether it’s charging others or getting charged, 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 moves fast.With up to 18W fast re-charging and up to 15W of fast charging, it intelligently adjusts power output to safely charge each connected device.

Up to 93% conversion rate

  • Optimized charging/discharging efficiency
  • World-class chips are not only safer, they improve charging conversion rates and stabilize discharging voltage.
    ·With advanced resistance-capacitance sensors, 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 is more durable and optimizes charging efficiency.

Power bank


Brand: Xiaomi
Model: PLM02ZM
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Capacity: 10000mAh 3.85V ( 38.5Wh )
Product weight: 0.250 kg
Dimensions: 130 * 71 * 14.1mm



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