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The Xiaomi Redmi 6A – Why It is Perfect

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What do you look for in a phone? Is it how powerful the processor or how much storage space it has? Is it how long the battery lasts? Perhaps you love taking photos and need a clear camera. You may also want to consider how good the phone looks and how good it will feel in your hand. No matter what it is you look for in a phone, the Xiaomin Redmi 6A is a perfect choice. We tell you why.

xiaomi phone

The Perfect Body

This Xiaomi phone is not so large that it is cumbersome. Being 5.45 inches long, it is the perfect size that will fit on your palm. Weighing only 145g, it is light and hence easy to move around with. The Xiaomi Redmi 6A is available in Gray, Gold, Pink, Black and Blue; just pick your favourite colour! The screen has a resolution of 1440×720 pixels so everything on it will be clear. From movies to games to pictures, you will enjoy the clarity of all images. What is more? The screen supports multi-touch which is perfect for gaming.

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Controlling everything on this Xiaomi phone is the MTK Helio A22 MTK6762M 2GB processor that has four cores. This processor is powerful,  and the many cores ensure perfect multi-tasking, so you can chat as you listen to some music and even use your favourite social media app all at the same time. Your phone will never hang!

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To store all your personal files, this phone has a storage of 16GB. If it is not enough for you, free to make use of the external TF card that can be any capacity you want up to 256GB. To ensure you always stay connected, this phone comes with an inbuilt battery that has a capacity of 3000mAh, which will keep you on for days and charging it fully only takes a short time.

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Taking pictures is the best way to keep memories, and only a clear camera will give snapshots that are worth keeping. On the Xiaomi Redmi 6A, the rear camera is 13MP while the front camera is 5.0MP. With these high resolutions plus panorama, HDR and flashlight, you will be able to take professional looking images on your phone.

A cool feature that this Xiami phone has is the AI Face Unlock. Just look at the phone, and it unlocks! How cool is that?

xiaomi phone


Long battery life

Slim and lightweight body

Quad-core processor




This phone is perfect and is the ideal phone for people of all ages and preferences. It has lots of storage, a powerful processor controlling everything, 13MP camera and decent battery life. The screen is clear,  and the best part is that all these great features are fitted in a small device. What is waiting for? Grab this perfect phone from Banggood right now.


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