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Xiaomi’s Lastest Star: The Xiaomi Mi 6X

Xiaomi Mi 6X

The Xiaomi Mi6X, a breath-taking beauty with such astounding elegance, sleekness and power-driven authenticity. These words are best suited to describing the flagship that is the Xiaomi Mi 6x. Whether it’s handling day to day activities or running power consuming applications at remarkable speeds, the Mi 6X has got it covered! Now available in various colors with a special 31% discount, are you ready to experience the Xiaomi Mi 6X?

Xiaomi Mi 6X



To the start off, the Xiaomi Mi 6X comes equipped with a handy multi-lingual ROM, supporting a wide range of language from English to Mandarin. In the device, user’s get to experience 64Gb worth of memory, with a minority percentage used on bloatware. The 64GB of ROM is a remarkable spec to those needing that extra space.

Xiaomi Mi 6X


A solid 4GB of RAM is featured in the Mi 6X, enhancing the capability of running tasks and applications smoothly and effectively. Paired with a powerful Snapdragon 660 Octa-core with max speeds up to 2.2Ghz, the Xiaomi Mi 6X runs tasks with lightning fast speeds. A feature that supports boosted gaming performance or strenuous document processing, balancing work and play effectively.


Featuring a large 5.99 Inch screen display, the 6X borders well-in between the criteria of a smartphone and phablet combined while giving ample finger room and thumb space. typing is made convenient as users don’t get to experience the irritating finger clashing one would expect on mobiles with a smaller display. The screen size allows of easy accessibility as on-screen icons, words and colors can be seen with ease.

Xiaomi Mi 6X


Having packed 5.99′ inch display, the Mi 6X compliments this with an astounding FHD+ Capacitive Touch Screen. The high-end display comes equipped with customs settings such as Sunlight, Night, Reading and Standard mode. The user also gets to customize the color temperature settings to create an ideal mode best suited to them. Boasting a solid 2160*1080 pixels, colors appear more vibrant and clear. Saturation and contrast play well in a blend of artistry. Experiencing media has never been so visually authenticity like the way Mi 6x.


The Xiaomi Mi 6x is neatly embroidered with smooth aluminum body paneling, engrossing the outer and inner corners of the device. The metal frame produces a glossy effect, captivity to the eyes. Premium and solid, the device is lightweight as well as soft to the touch. Pretty colors to suit up your style, from Black, Gold, Blue or Pink, users are spoilt for choice.

Xiaomi Mi 6X


Running on the updated version of MIUI, The device runs on the MIUI 9. Handy applications and settings are the new features we get to see on the latest OS. With frequently available system updates to the download, regulating your devices optimal performance, as well as access to brand new updates, has been easier!


Capture powerful shots with the new dual 12MP + 2MP back-facing camera. Shots are clear and crisp, while the lighting can be adjusted accordingly via the camera’s custom settings. The f/1.75 aperture allows for soft lighting conditions. Photography made easy to all that aspire! Enjoy taking beautiful selfies with the stunning 20MP front-facing camera inbuilt with powerful AI Scene detection. Let the waves of selfies flow.

Xiaomi Mi 6X


The inbuilt with a powerful 3010mAh battery, The fun never ends! Experience long battery performance to get through the day, while the quick charge function makes it handy for the user’s on the go!



-Fingerprint scanner

-Dual Sim

-Micro Sim





When it comes down to business, the Xiaomi Mi 6X is an overachiever. The fact that the device seamlessly brings a harmonic balance between work and play, makes it all the more impressive. Grab your Xiaomi at Banggood and enjoy true satisfaction.

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