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ZTE Axon 7 Max: Technology Changes the Way You Live

ZTE Axon 7 Max

ZTE, a famous mobile phone producer with world-leading technique and superior quality, focuses on the research and development of smartphone. ZTE Axon 7 Max has made impressive impression on me. The slogan of Axon 7 Max “3D Display: Technology Change Your view” is such an attractive selling point. As for me, a movie fan, who always watch videos on phone, is a pretty good improvement.

Generally speaking, Axon 7 Max is exactly a midrange mobile phone worthy of buying. From its rounded edge to its precisely formed metal bodies, you can feel deeply of its exquisite overall design and considerate detail process. What’s more, the gold body makes it distinctive and perfect for business man.

ZTE Axon 7 Max

It should be noted that this phone is designed in 6.0 inch, making it a little hard for women to hold in hands. But you know, everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. So with a wide display, you can enjoy your watching better than ever before.

Speaking of its configuration, ZTE Axon 7 Max has tried its best to mostly nail the little things to satisfy consumers’ actual demand. It boasts a Qualcomm 2.0GHz octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB RAM, 64GB of built-in storage and you can add up to 256GB of additional space with a microSD card, ensuring that you can have enough space to download various kinds of apps or videos.

The main feature is its stunning 6.0-inch FHD capacitive touch screen. With it, you can enjoy movies with 3D visual effect without wearing 3D glasses. What an amazing phone! The super-quality HIFI stereo speakers also gives you a sense of concert.

ZTE Axon 7 Max

Besides, the camera is thoughtfully designed. By voice control, you can take selfies in different poses with the 13-megapixel front-facing camera. The rear camera, featured with dual cameras(13MP) with flashlight and auto focus, making 3D photos reality. It’s a stellar performer that aptly blends beauty and horsepower. Due to its big size, so it can be squeezed a larger battery inside.

Thanks to ZTE Axon 7 Max, I can eliminate the language barrier at abroad. Why do I say that? Because last time, I need to go abroad for business in Japan. But you know I know nothing about this language. Fortunately, Axon 7 Max is tightly integrated with two-way translation to help you deal with your language difficulties. In this way, you are able to communicate with foreigners freely.


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